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Ugly Ranch Horse Competition 

 February started off with a bang at the Bearspaw Arena, which is owned by our First Nation neighbors. There  was a horsemanship clinic in the morning, attended by over 20 horses and riders. Ruth Fowler put everyone through their paces and everyone came away with some more knowledge.


Following Pot Luck lunch, the Competition started off with the Amateur division, with 19 entries. This event was won for the second year in a row, by Robyn Neufeld. She was awarded a headstall, donated by Cunningham Farrier Service.


The open division featured 11 riders, who showed off their many interesting skills. Also, for the second year, this event was won by Tim Neufeld, on his talented gray mare. He was presented with a pair of brass bound stirrups made by Tony Smith. Second place, and winning a saddle blanket, donated by Cunningham Farrier Service, was our Pastor Bryn.


There were four small fry who also rode. We saw these kids cowboy up, and we had all better take notice. There will be some SERIOUS competition in the future. Bailey won the hearts of everyone there and won the Fan’s Choice award presented by Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine.

















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