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Steve Dyck
Morden Manitoba
Found out about CTC through the Fredlunds

Hi Bryn, Keep up the good work. When we come out your way we'll stop & have a listen in person. I am listening online now. Crystal & Jonathan say HI.
Richard Piche
Chennai, Tamal Nadu, India
Found out about CTC Hearing people talk at Tim Hortons when I was home in Canada 4 months ago

I call Cochrane home however I am working in the Oil and Gas Industry in Chennai India. My wife and I have attended Cowboy Church in August and I felt homesick and I thought of the church and the people that I had met. I felt a great uplifting feeling when I Googled Cowboy Church and lo and behold the website appeared I feel better but still miss home. Thanks for the website and a touch of home. God bless and take care from the only Cowboy in India.
Mike Dygert
Three Hills, AB, Canada
Found out about CTC through Cowboy Festivals

It's the first time for me! ... after having playing at Cowboy Church at a number of festivals this was the first time at a 'real' cowboy church. Impressive! You will see me again!
Dianne Kalb (Davidson)
Conifer, Colorado
Discovered CTC through an email from sister -in- law

It was great to hear Bryn's voice again. My kids - Carmen and Jesse - sat with me here on Saturday night as we listened to one of his sermons. Glad to see Wendy W. and the Cunninghams on your website.
Ron & Lynda Town
Mazatlan Mexico
Discovered CTC through Tour company literature

Thanks for being here on the web. We visited a couple of times during our visit to Calgary and look forward to listenig to the Word this winter season in mexico!
Longview, Alberta
Was introduced to CTC Through Friends

Well thanks Bryn for suggesting the site to take a look at. It brings a great deal of warmth to the heart to see what you all are doing. It would be nice to have something like this closer to home. Keep up the great work all of you.
Randy G. Hein
Sundre, AB
Introduced to CTC by Chelsea's parents Jim and Valerie

Hope to fellowship with you in the near future.
Art Reid
Washington DC, United States
Discovered CTC on the Songs of Faith Ministry website

Hello to my northern Brothers and Sisters! You have a wonderful website and a great mission. May God Bless you in your work! I am a former working cowboy from Northern Wyoming who moved east to get married after my health gave out on me. I was just up late tonight surfing around and came on your site. Now I am really home sick! God Bless! Art
Peter & Donna Dumond
Cochrane, AB
Were introduced to CTC by Dan Taylor

I would like thank Bryn for his time for our wedding on June 16. The service was wonderful and our families enjoyed the vows coming from Bryn the cowboy preacher. Riding our horses and the sun shinning it was truly a blessed day for us. From our hearts to you Bryn THANK YOU and bless you. Peter & Donna Dumond June 16, 2006.
William C. Farris
Helena, Alabama, USA
Mike McGough & Nancy were AT Seminary with me and my Nancy

Bryn, As a fellow preacher, I enjoy being fed each week by your sermon on the web. May God continue to bless you as He is richly blessing me through you. I hope one day to worship with you.
Your fellow-laborer in Christ, Bill Farris
B. Alston
Fayetteville, GA, USA
Heard about CTC from Nancy McGough

I have just looked at your website for the first time. It makes me want to come celebrate with you. Congratulations on your one year anniversay and God bless your 2nd year.
Ruth Langley
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Heard about CTC browsing the web

Very interesting what God's people can do for the Lord.
Dave and Pat Buckler
Being part of Cowboy Trail has given us the feeling you get coming home after a long day on the trail.It is hard to describe what it has done for Dave in his Christan life.We thank the Lord for Mike and all his prayers for the will to start Cowboy Trail Church.To Byrn for the way he gets the message to us,Chris and Sharky for bringing the gift of music and singing along with the rest of them on stage.We have been so blessed with the new friends we have made.and the enjoyment of the fellowship.Thankyou to everone who works so hard. God Speed Dave and Pat Buckler
Melanie Peters
Devonshire, England
Heard about CTC through my boy friend

Just want to say a big thank you for everyone that made me so welcolme and what a great thing it is to share worship with God's other grazers from across the pond.God bless you as you blaze a trail showing the way home.
Randy Marshall
Calgary, Alberta
A friend introduced me to Cowboy Trail Church

I wouldn't miss coming to Cowboy Tral Church. I always feel uplifted when I leave there. The people are very caring and friendly, Bryn's message is always excellent, and he delivers it in a way everyone would understand. You also wouldn't find a better Worship Team anywhere. I would highly recommend everyone come and hear for themselves what it is all about.
Evelyn Marinoski
Cochrane, AB, Canada
Saw your ad in the Church Directory in the local paper

We are delighted to be part of Cowboy Trail Church. We love the down-to-earth simplicity, the good music and singing and the wonderful people who make CTC what it is - special!

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