Cowboy Trail Church
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COWBOY TRAIL CHURCH is operated by volunteers who give of their time and energy. If you would like to be involved, here are some of the ministry areas you could share in:

Music Ministry
If you have an instrument and would like to be part of the music ministry, please talk to Chris or Sharky.

If you would like to bring munchies for after the services, please talk to one of the following ladies to get your name added to the list:
Evelyn Myram - (403) 637-2113

Dee Doige - (403)637-2732

Prayer Chain
If you would like to be part of the Cowboy Trail Church Prayer Chain, or if you have requests for prayer, please stay after the meetings or contact the Leadership Team members.

Anyone interested in being a greeter from time to time, please contact the Greeter coordinators Lyle & Diana Little at (403) 932-1647

Benevolent Fund
CTC wants to provide some help to those in our congregation who suffered financial damage or loss. Please speak to one of our benevolence committee members:
Tracey Buckley - (403) 932-2486
Phil Unland - (403)547-1173

If you would like to help support the Cowboy Trail Church ministry, you can donate at the services by putting your money or cheque in one of the envelopes on the back table and then putting the envelope in one of our donation "Boots".
Or - you could send a cheque to Cowboy Trail Church at Box 783, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A9. Thank you.

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