Cowboy Trail Church

Family Day- 2009 

Monday, February 16, being family day we gathered at Pioneer Lodge for a day of hay rides, skating and indulging in the tradition of inhaling poor parts of beef in an edible wrapper that is subjected to a charcoal producing toxic outdoor smoke then hidden in a white flour bun and covered in whatever will hide the original flavor.( Bryn’s words)


Nearly 200 people gathered at the Pioneer Ranch Camp to enjoy the beautiful day, the great food and the fellowship. There was an enormous table of desserts to go with the aforementioned culinary delights.


Five teams and sleighs were available for people to go for a real sleigh ride. There was a hill for kids large and small to slide down, and two areas for skating and pond hockey. Ladies demonstrated us with some figure skating skills as well.


The fireplace was kept burning, and there were two outside fires for toasting smokies and marshmallows. The Lodge was full with folks visiting and enjoying the goodies.














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