Cowboy Trail Church

Family Day 2008

 The Day started out with God’s promise of a Special Day


The Cowboy Trail Church Family and Friends, over 250 of us gathered at the Elkton Valley Campground for the Third Annual Family Day.


There were sleigh rides galore, even the “One Horse Open Sleigh”

Youngsters had their first rides behind a horse drawn vehicle, and the older set remembered what their youth had to offer.




Of course there was food…………..dozens and dozens of Hot Dogs and Smokies were toasted at the firepit.  

Thanks to the Cullen Family for the generous contribution of the smokies.


Inside the hall there was enough dessert to keep everyone extra “sweet” . Gallons of coffee, hot chocolate and juice was enjoyed.


Then there was the “Real Canadian Pond Hockey” game on the river. There were about 35 or 40 players ALL AT ONCE ! !





To close the day, entertainment was offered in the hall. Chris and Sharky provided backup music for others, as well as performing some of their own music.




Some even danced!


There will be many fond memories of Family Day 2008 and we can look forward to 2009.


© 2008 - Cowboy Trail Church