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There's something about stories that draws us in and makes us want to listen. And when those stories are real life adventures of people we have met, well, then we are even more interested in listening.

So imagine that you have joined us some quiet summer evening around a campfire out in the back country. We've had a busy day, finished our supper, the fire is crackling, and we're ready to just lean back and relax. There's a frog or two singing its song in the background. The sunset is pretty much over and some stars are starting to make an appearance. What better time could there be for a story?

One thing you will soon come to see about our kind of sharing is that we are real people. We don't try to make ourselves look like some fantastic success story - we have a way of telling it like it is. Most of us have been through some pretty rough times and dark places. Some - well, probably most of us - have failed somewhere along the way. You're just as likely to hear about that as the good times. Mostly we just want to honor God for what He has done for us.

Some stories will be written, others will be audio files that you can listen to. The newest additions will be at the top. So pull up an imaginary log and join us around the campfire!

Meet Debbie King, Cowboy Trail Church's first bride. Now that's a whole story by itself, but she'll tell you a bit about that as well as some other parts of her story.

Some months back, Tom King, who is now the preacher for Clearwater Cowboy Church shared his story with us in three "installments". Unfortunately, we hadn't started taping yet for the first two, but thought you might enjoy hearing the last one anyway, since it ties in quite nicely with the next one by his new wife! Tom shared this just shortly after he and Debbie became engaged.

For those of you who are familiar with this website, you may have already heard Dwayne Bartley when he shared at our anniversary celebration. But what a powerful story of God's love and grace, so we're sharing it here too.

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