Cowboy Trail Church

Ladies Branding 2008 


On a very soggy Sunday in June, a group of ladies went to Clancy and Elsie Thiessen’s to participate in the Second Annual Branding. There were long sections of the road under water, so just arriving at the Ranch was a feat in itself. The calves were well hidden in the trees, so were dry during the break in the monsoon.



Bonny and Chris did the bulk of the roping, and Robyn tried her hand as well. Not a high production crew, but everything did get done, including some silliness on behalf of our Fearless Leader and Orin and Kyle who were there to add some muscle when needed.




The rains came down again just as the last calf was done, so we all trundled back to the Ranch house where Elsie had prepared a delicious dinner for us all.




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