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What Cowboy Trail Church has meant to me

I love Cowboy Trail Church!

I enjoy the downhome country feeling. The warmth & Hospitality. I love hearing the "Stories" of ordinary people where God has done something "extraordinary" in their lives when they met Jesus.

I love the friendship's, the fun!

The ranch competitions, dog trials, concerts, the wagon retreats weekend, the fall trail rides, the Christmas "art" show, the baptisms in a water trough, creek and hot tub.

I love the fact that "any" body can come from all walks of life and feel a sense of belonging, a sense of family. I love being able to wear jeans, cowboy boots, hats or whatever.

I love the good old familiar hymns that I grew up with.

I love that God's word is preached and Jesus is Lord. All are encouraged to follow the Lord for their life.

I and my family have felt love and encouragement with my son's battle with cancer. The prayer support is so appreciated. Cowboy Trail Church is my church family, my church home. I never want to miss a service.

Thank You Lord for Cowboy Trail Church.
To God be the Glory Happy 1st Anniversary!

Shannon Luyendyk

Al & I have been coming to CTC for a year, since day one!

CTC is "home" to us now - we love the music and the atmosphere and have a new circle of friends.

You are a breath of fresh air! Our thanks to the worship team and musicians.

Al & Pat Wylie

Since attending CTC in the beginning of December having received an invitation from Bonnyville, AB, I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I felt that the invitation was a Divine Appointment. I felt like I was with instant family. In a matter of just a few months in the Cochrane community I found family and a husband.

I've been coming to Cowboy Trail Church since August - Pat Buckler invited me to come.

Since October I've been bringing my Mom Maggie and my friend Mary with me. We love coming to Cowboy Trail Church. This is a very NICE place to come and be part of.

Thank you Pat for inviting me.

Why We Love Cowboy Trail Church
Since we started attending Cowboy Trail Church we found it has brought a whole new perspective to what being a christian is all about. Church is fun again and we look so forward to Tuesdays.

The music by Chris and Sharky and the whole music team, Mike McGough's soft caring voice, his prayers and Pastor Bryn's humor and unique way of bringing us a meaningful message each week has kept bringing us back. This past year our 44 year old daughter was diagnosed and had surgery twice for thyroid cancer. Thanks to God and the prayers we received through Cowboy Church, we are happy to report that she is O.K. now. Recently my 98 year old mother passed away ans we were so surprised and pleased to have Mike and Nancy McGough come to her memorial service to support us. You have no idea how much that meant to us.

We appreciate all that you are doing for all of us. Keep up the good work.

God bless,
Dani & Cliff Mashford

We have attended Cowboy Trail Church since the beginning.

Having been involved with church for fifty years, we can honestly say we have never been as excited about church as this. We absolutely love the old hymns and the style in which we sing them.

There is just something about the feeling here; I think maybe a feeling of realness among the leadership, that keeps us coming. We love the music, we love the preaching, we love the Bible studies. What more can we say?

Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Lyle & Diana Little

Thank you, Cowboy Trail Church

Circumstances took both of us away from our parent's farming/ranching operations where we were born and raised. However we never forgot that privileged lifestyle and the open handed and open hearted values of our friends and neighbours of that time. We longed to return to a rural home. Fortunately we were able to retire to a rural setting but the neighbourly kinship we remembered from our early years was slow to develop.

Then, one year ago on a Tuesday evening, we attended the very first Cowboy Trail Church service. We have met many friendly folk, people with similar values and beliefs and a love of the Western way of life. The missing kinship was re-established.

Tuesday night has become our favorite night of the week. We enjoy the music, the singing of old hymns, the teaching, the fellowship, and yes, the post service munchies. But most importantly, Cowboy Trail Church has revitalized our relationship with our Maker.

Maureen and Phil Unland

I, Sandy M. am writing this on behalf of another couple many of you know but haven't seen for awhile. They had been traveling to Cowboy Trail Church from Carstairs since the beginning and hardly missed a service. They loved the western way of life, enjoyed listening to Bryn's preaching, singing the old style hymns and overall friendliness of the folks here. He bought a horse and could hardly wait to get out and ride as often as possible.

Now seconded (that is pronounced Cee-con-did) from Wycliffe to Far East Broadcasting, they left Canda in January and are now serving in Saipan. Saipan is about 120 miles south of Guam and about the size of San Francisco - very heavily populated.

For those of you who might still be wondering who on earth I am talking about, they are Kevin and Lynn Baker.

Cowboy Trail Church holds a special place in the Baker's heart. Where else can one come and be greeted by greeters who are truly glad to see you and then walk into a room and feel the warmth and welcome of genuine, caring folks. Where you can leave your troubles outside for an hour or so and feel refreshed when you head home.

I just got an e-mail from Lynn saying that they are getting settled in and busy learning new policies, etc. but the main point of her e-mail was her asking "What is going on at Cowboy Trail Church? We want to be put on the mailing list so we can keep up with all you are doing."

Well, we didn't have a mailing list as such, but WE DO NOW and they are on it!

Even though they are in Saipan (a 7 hour plus flight from Honolulu), Cowboy Church is close to their hearts. Now that we have a great Cowboy Trail website, I informed them that they can actually listen to Bryn's sermons each week along with Sharky and Chris' music. They can also be kept abreast of what we are doing by checking out our Calendar. So, wherever you are in the world, through the modern science of technology, Cowboy CHurch can still be as close as your nearest computer.

However great this is, it still does not make up for the fellowshipping with one another.

Therefore if any of you would like Kevin and Lynn's e-mail address, so that you can drop them a note once in awhile and let them know that you are thinking of them, please see Sandy after the service in the Sage Room and she will be glad to give it to you.


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