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Wow - a whole year already! What God has done with Cowboy Trail Church in this past year is just plain amazing.

We started a year ago with about 135 people the first night - which was way more than anyone had expected. Tonight (Feb 7/06) we had close to 300 people.

Not only has Cowboy Trail Church grown - it has given birth to two other cowboy churches - Willowcreek Cowboy Church in Nanton and Clearwater Cowboy Church between Caroline and Rocky Mountain House.

We've had several baptisms. We've had a trail ride or two.

We've had visitors from all over the world - some from places that we would never have expected - like Croatia, Mexico, or Africa. (check out other places here.)

But mostly we have just become a family and have enjoyed sharing and growing.

So what did we do to celebrate?

Well, it started the week before with the following announcement from Bryn. And - if I heard right, Bryn said something about shirts. Rather than trying to describe this, I think I'll just let you listen in to Bryn's Anniversary announcement!

Well, we sang up a storm to start with - lead by Chris & Sharky and our wonderful music team.

Then Bryn gave us the Chores. After showing us some of his wild and wonderful shirts that is! Here's his 4-pocket special: And check out that tie!

Speaking of shirts - Bryn's challenge to us last week was to try to outdress the preacher this week. And boy, did we have a colorful meeting tonight - just check out some of these wild shirts!

Then our special feature for the evening was to have Dwayne Bartley share his testimony. Talk about God's love and faithfulness! As Dwayne said... well, listen for yourself:

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