Cowboy Trail Church

3rd Anniversary
Outdress The Pastor


My oh my what a colorful bunch we were ! !   On this, Cowboy Trail Church’s Third Anniversary, we held the now traditional Ugly Shirt Night ( or OUTDRESS THE PASTOR  ), if you dared.  Bryn treated us to many layers of unique clothing, and there were about 50 who took up the challenge and tried to out do him.


Some may have succeeded .


We had couples decked out.



Families in full regalia.


The Worship Team were not to be outdone.


All the brave were invited to the stage for judging.


Based on Congregational applause, we present to you the TOP FOUR !


The Queen’s Cowboys were asked to determine the Overall Winner. Please meet the “Best Dressed” gentleman of the evening !



Then we moved on to the real reason for Cowboy Trail Church, that being the worship of our Lord. Ben Crane shared some insight from his point of view. He told of how wherever he travels in Canada and the USA, people are talking about us. In a very positive light.


We heard another very inspirational Message from Bryn, our Pastor and we sang our hearts out, to hymns both well known and some that were not as familiar.


By the end of the evening , we all knew why Cowboy Trail Church is so Special to us, and why we are looking forward to Anniversary number four , and many more after that.


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