Cowboy Trail Church

WoodChopper's Ball - 2008


Saturday, September 13, saw over a dozen people from CTC arrive at Bryn and Bonny’s to fill the woodshed. There were trees to fall, haul and buck up into lengths. Then, the hydraulic wood splitter was put into use and the split wood was stacked in the shed. When that was full, we carried on and put another two or more cords along the fence.


A wonderful pot luck lunch was served to those who were working so hard, and then, back to work.


There were some who came for a short while and some who worked all day.


But what a blessing it is to be able to work together and help someone out at the same time.


This is one wood pile that will warm in many ways. First, we got warm making the stack grow, then the Thiessen family will be warmed again as the stack makes it’s way to the stove, and best of all, everyone present felt a warm glow at a job well done.




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