Cowboy Trail Church

2009 October Trail Ride


What were we thinking? Planning a trail ride in October in Alberta? We were thinking that we would have a GREAT time, and we DID ! ! ! !

12 hardy souls and Sharky with the truck and trailer gathered at the Bar 75 near Sundre on October 4th. We started with coffee and donuts, and then got aboard our horses and two ladies joined Bryn on the wagon. The team of mules were admirable once again. Dee rode the famous “Mastodon”. Away we went, across country to the lunch rendezvous spot. Sharky had the fire going and the coffee boiling merrily away. The smokies and hot dogs were consumed; a vat of coffee went down easily, and we once again climbed aboard. Near the buildings we saw a new calf that had just been born in the snow(What was HE thinking?!”)

Once back at the barn, there was more coffee and donuts for all.

If you did not come, you missed out on a great day, snow and all.




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