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Labor Day Weekend 2010!
Labor Day Weekend was a busy time for CTC. For starters, the Worship Team and others led and attended the Church Service on the Sunday morning at the Cochrane Labor Day Rodeo. Despsite the cool and showery weather, the tent was stuffed full and there werre some who sttod outside in the light rain.
We were also joined by Rodeo Royalty for the first time.
In the afternoon, the Church held an open house and Pot-Luck supper at Dee's place near Water Valley. In all about 30 people attended. The sun came out and there was great fellowship around the fire. Kids (big and little) played, dogs played and there was a huge amount of food and laughter. All in all, a GREAT day!
The following morning saw us gathering in the early morning fog to take part in the Labor Day Parade. We had a great team of mules, several people on the wagon, and several more on horseback.
We did well and came home with a GREAT BIG FIRST PLACE RIBBON ! ! !



Kids Big and Small


Meet and Greet

Some of our Riders

Great Mules Jill and John

 Ready To Roll




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