Cowboy Trail Church
Christmas Concert
Dec 05, 2008


Christmas in the manner of Cowboy Trail Church was celebrated by 145 people on Friday, Dec 5 at the Ranche House.


There was the usual abundance of yummy “grazing” as the bakers in the crowd outdid themselves once again.


The traditional “ NON TRADITIONAL” concert featured a four act skit interspersed by song. The “Ladies Choir” joined by small singers delighted everyone as they led the singing.


We had Hats of many descriptions, worn by young and old alike.


Reuben Olsen, our most Senior Partner, delighted us with a story. We are blessed to hear some of the tales of events of nearly a century ago, told by one who remembers them.


We had delightful children who took their roles in stride. Bailey amazed everyone by reciting a rather long poem (for a four year old) from memory.


There was laughter, tears and a general feeling of being Blessed, not only by the evening, but with a special warmth as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.


Have a Blessed Christmas everyone.














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