Cowboy Trail Church
All Photos © Evelyn Marinoski
used by permission
Christmas Concert
Dec 07, 2007

December 7th 2007 saw the third annual Cowboy Trail Christmas Concert entertain us and feed our bodies as well as our Spiritual needs. We are unique in the way we enjoy many events.


As has become tradition, many of the Artists and Artisans in our midst displayed their creations.




The food was unbelievable, both in the quantity and the variety. Everyone was able to enjoy “recreational grazing” all evening.


We had a dancing Princess,




There were many wide eyed, excited small children who helped the Affirmation Singers with their portion of the program. They received a small gift in celebration of Jesus’ Birthday.





A highlight of the evening was the song by the Nursery set. They sang their hearts out. The youngest performer is only a year and a half old.




We were entertained by the Wheatley Family Singers.



The Christmas story was told as never before, with outstanding performances by “Three Musty Steers, Sheep with their ears upside down, an Angel with a cane, and camels like never seen before







To say the very least, the 175 people who attended, left with a renewed sense of the Spirit of Cowboy Trail Church, as well as the reminders of what this season is truly about. Amidst all the laughter and fellowship, the message of Christ’s birth was very much the centre of the evening.



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