Cowboy Trail Church

Bryn & Bonnie Open House - 2009 


 July 26 dawned cooler than the previous few days had been, but no one was complaining at all. Almost 80 adventurous Partners from CTC ventured out to Helmer Creek Ranch for a Pot Luck feast and day of fellowship.


Our Fearless Leader often says “ Where two or more are gathered, we shall Pot Luck.” This day proved no exception. There was food galore, and people and outstanding contributions continued to arrive throughout the day.


After the first round of the continuous array of food was consumed , most present trekked down the trail to the cable car. Bonny gave a demo of how the contraption works, and then Bryn also showed off his skills, in the pouring rain.


By the time we had walked back to the house, the rain had stopped and everyone was almost dried off again.



There was more visiting, and more food to try. By evening, everyone had returned home, and once again Helmer Creek ranch resumed it’s peaceful  atmosphere (as peaceful as life can be on a working ranch )


Thanks to Bonny and Bryn for opening their home to us all.



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